Danielle started out photographing with film as a high school student. She liked to incorporate artistic styles to telling a story. Later on, she even did a photo book on Greg.

She loved black and whites and still to this day does as well. At that same time Greg was your typical kid who would fill a Polaroid camera in a matter of minutes. He loved to run around in nature and take random shots of anything that caught his eye. Needless to say, his parents didn’t really appreciate how quickly he would fill up a camera.

Still to this day, Greg takes way too many shots. But in his mind, you can never take enough photographs.

It wasn’t until college that Danielle and Greg met each other. Both from extremely different worlds, found each other to be extremely interesting. Greg was more of the musician, Danielle was more of the athlete. Eventually after several dates, they decided to be a couple.

Fast forward to "second college" at an art school in San Francisco, they learned the hands-on techniques when working with cameras and lighting, eventually branching off to work in San Francisco studios assisting other photographers photographing anything from products, to food, fashion, and interior design. They both got hands-on experience of what the "big shots" in the business do.

Eventually, they wanted to take everything that they learned from all of those experiences and what is the one thing that incorporates good food, good people, good architecture, good fashion, beautiful landscapes, etc? Weddings.

Weddings have all of the above. But more than that, as a couple, and generally just as a human being, it’s always amazing to see relationships that are truly in love, making the steps forward and a promise or commitment to go on that journey together and be able to capture those moments just as somebody captured the moments for them on their special day.


So here we are in 2019, looking forward to capturing all new Weddings, for all new couples. And as much experience as we have, every wedding is different, every couple is unique, and every final product tells its own story and it’s our joy to be able to sit in each moment throughout that special day and capture the most important details to the best of our ability.

It is quite possible along the way, some babies appeared.